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The Fallen Rise 
are the newest addition to the Stand Productions Family.  Check out their first single Destiny:

The Nailheads

New to Stand Productions

The Nailheads' new single 'Kill or Be Killed' (Dental Records & Stand Productions) is available TODAY! It's been a long time since we haven't put out any new music, so share the news with your friends. Make some noise! Purchase it here. Cheers!

Manu Chao was kind enough to give us some music to work with him on . I am sure you will agree that the final result is quite powerful. Montreal singer songwriter , Bilal Butt and Canada’s King of Reggae , Jah Cutta teamed up a while back to collaborate on a very real view of todays world events . “How did it come to this” is the poignant result.

“How did it come to this” is avail as a free download as part of Stand Up For What You Believe In Vol 3

The compilation features 29 very talented bands from around the world playing various styles of music . You will not be disappointed giving this a listen.

Free Compilation album - Stand Up For What You Believe in Volume 3

Volume three of our free Comp album series, Stand Up For What You Believe in Volume 3 is a collection of 29 great tracks from great bands that you have may have never heard of from around the world. There is a little something for everyone. Share this with 10 friends.

Download the full compilation

FEATURING: Dani Llamas, Jr Gone Wild, Nailheads, Black Valley Moon, Manu Chao (feat. Bilal Butt & Jah Cutta), Robertson, D-Shade, Akawui, Jah Cutta, Cracked Lips, The Inverters, Revolution (feat. Straight Faced), Pulley, Twenty 2, Dead Neck, Colonel Sun, Vulgar Deli, Give or Take, Quarter Tank, Buffalo Theory MTL, Rumbastistas, Floating Widget (feat. Snake), Osmosis Unlimited, Los Kung Fu Monkeys, Hood Rats, Jesus Dollar Store, Faze, The Fallen Rise

Note: Akawui & Pulley are missing from the Soundcloud playlist but they are in the download.

Stand up for What You Believe In : Volume 2 (free compilation)

Stand Up For What You Believe In Volume 2 is out May 9th 2018!! 

Stand Up for What You Believe In vol 2 is a collection of 27 great tracks from  great bands that you have may have never heard of  from around the world . Ranging from Brazilian lounge grove to hip hop to  bluegrass to raging metal, there is a little something for everyone. Share this with 10 friends. 

Robertson - Shades of Culture - Supaman - DJ Strizzo ft Kid Leow - IRA -Akawui - Jah Cutta & Grimskunk - Los Kung Fu Monkeys - The Inverters - Dave Smalley & the Farmhouse 5 - Tin & the Toad - Jr Gone Wild - Soel Odranreb - Bats in the Belfry - GAS Drummers - Pulley - Twenty2 - Punchline 13 - Berri Txarrak - Misconduct - Floating Widget - Modern Terror - Quarter Tank - Death By Stereo - SNFU - Buffalo Theory - Mad Parrish 

Come be a part of the Revolution514 Xmas Bash at Belmont on Dec 19. Get a pair of tickets with the purchase of a Revolution514 shop t or any stand hat or t and 2 pairs of tickets with the purchase of a hoodie .

Happy 4/20 everyone! Tune in to CHOM FM @ 4:20 pm to hear this track on the radio! thanks to Jah Cutta, Grim Skunk, Bats in the Belfry and Chris from Busty and the Bass

Revolution 514

Stand is proud to announce the opening of Revolution514.....Revolution 514 is an "old-school", urban lifestyle, skate-shop.
We carry skateboards and all the accessories, as well as some clothes to get you rolling in the right direction.

Located at 4486 Coloniale in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal


Check out the Jah Cutta
video for "Life is  a Gift "
Stand up for What You believe in comp vol1
Avail for download free !!!!!! Click here


Montreal musician AKAWUI is proud to announce the launch of his first solo EP, INTERTRIBAL. A singer/songwriter of Chilean Indigenous background, whose music is best described as Latin Urban Alternative, AKAWUI is the hottest new artist to emerge in the Nuevo Latino movement. After years as a professional MMA fighter, activist and bandleader, this multi-instrumentalist/composer followed his roots back to Aboriginal music, breathing new life into the ancient rhythms of his Andean ancestors by merging a variety of multicultural genres—Cumbia, Reggeaton, Afro-Brazilian, and traditional music—with contemporary EDM and Hip-Hop.

Welcome Colonel Sun

Stand Productions is proud to welcome Colonel Sun to the Stand family. Here is a little bit about them.....

Montreal-based Colonel Sun is a rock n' roll band, inspired by music that is charged by feel and emotion. Compared to bands such as Mudhoney, Failure, and Helmet, Colonel Sun clearly runs on fuel from the '90s. However, the members' collective musical background is so eclectic that the band's dirty-rock edge is, at times, polished by musically-progressive overtones.


Colonel Sun is the brainchild of Montreal-native Scott Cook (formerly Dead Days, Ablyss, Bodyjarr). On the edge of abandonment, Scott realized that he had a few more stories to tell. So, armed with his guitar, his voice, and his laptop, he took a journey through a mind full of memories, anecdotes, and sarcasm. To Scott's surprise, this journey culminated in an invasion of sorts—a suburban invasion, in fact—and, in the blink of an eye, a musical battle plan had been laid. Proudly, Scott promoted himself to Colonel. However, he quickly realized that an invasion of this scale could not be fought alone. Enter longtime comrades Mishka Stein and Robbie Kuster (of Patrick Watson) as well as Simon Angell (of Thus Owls). Without hesitation, this fearless trio assumed their stations and the four brave soldiers entered the battlefield...


Following the release of Colonel Sun's debut EP, Suburban Invasion (released April 2017), the band received positive attention that included airplay (CHOM 97.7, CJLO, CKUT) and interviews (Bucketlist Music Reviews), and performances at local venues including Turbo Haus, Barfly, La Vitrola, and Bar Le Ritz. The band has opened up for New York hardcore legend Harley Flanagan (CroMags) at Coop Katacombs, and performed at Pouzza Fest 2018.


The band's latest EP (2019), recorded at Indica Studios in Montreal, is dirtier, louder, and edgier… So keep an ear out, 'cause this battle has only just begun!!

Manu Chao ✮ NEW SONGS ✮ Out Now
Available for 


The latest artistic endeavor of MANU CHAO introduces the release of 3 NEW SONGS ... available for FREE DOWNLOAD via artist’s website …
…and sharing a taste of things to come!

The musical revolutionary, activist and leading voice of world-music and good vibes will share new songs all through 2017, via his web page manuchao.net. Songs recorded from house to house, with his backpack studio all around the world, along his travels …

We are happy to share these 3 new songs made especially for you!
Hope you will like them!
Best 2017 for you all!...

(Manu Chao)
Click image above to view "WORDS OF TRUTH" video
or follow this link: https://youtu.be/0LXmhBEZsTo
“ they explain that it’s raining….. while they pee on us “

We need words of truth ¡!! it’s an emergency ¡
in this huge hurry crazy megabyte babel tower … we need words of truth ¡
So much information, everyday … everywhere …
… so much distortions … so much stories …different…
….so much lies …
…everyday news … every 1 hour scoops …live …
…nobody cares …. nobody shares …
…no dragon fly ..
… We need words of truth !! It’s an emergency !!! We need words of truth !!

Video realized by CARLOS LARRONDO and MANU CHAO
Music mixed by TOTI ARIMANY and MANU CHAO
Guitar and horns: MADJID FAHEM
If you want to download for free WORDS OF TRUTH
come to Manu Chao New web page: manuchao.net


(Manu Chao)
Click image above to view "NO SOLO EN CHINA HAY FUTURO" video
or follow this link: https://youtu.be/HNCN1U8GFNE
New song of Manu Chao
Dedicated to his neighborhood and to all the souls living there …
Also, by extension, to all the neighborhoods of the planet…

…where people go in, go out, up and down, in the struggle of their life,
few smiling, some angry, some drinking, few working…
…when they can find work …
… all swimming in the concrete jungle …
…trying to survive … till the end of the month …

The solution is to be united between neighbors!
Organize ourselves and find solutions locally ..

… whatever your neighbor politically thinks…
… whatever he is , what ever he does …
…your neighbor is your neighbor …
…and you will have to deal with it …
…anyhow …anyway …
…so it’s obvious that its positive and efficient
to face it smooth and in solidarity …

Don’t wait for the ones up there to bring you the solutions
They will never come …
“ they explain to us that it’s raining while they pee on us “

Video realized by CARLOS LARRONDO and MANU CHAO
Music mixed by TOTI ARIMANY and MANU CHAO
If you want to download this song for free, come to Manu Chao web page: http://www.manuchao.net/


Click image above to view "MOONLIGHT AVENUE" video
or follow this link: 

Ti.po.ta is a DUO … sounds , words , images and dreams …
…its KLELIA RENESI and MANU CHAO …. hand to hand … side by side …
in total freedom ..

… lot of songs recorded this last two years ..
…home made project …
… little mic … 3 cables …one heart
…that we want to share with you …
… there’s no other pretension …
…just a wish …
…wish you will enjoy it … like we did …

Our first release Moonlight Avenue is a song and video composed, singed, filmed and realized by Klelia Renesi and Manu Chao for the TI.PO.TA Project

little by little new songs will be released …
… so much songs to share …!!!!
Soon Peki Peki will land from March and will tell you more about it ….
its an infinite story …
full of sunrises,
neighborhoods of beauty,
cities boiling ,
full of dogs , going on the piss;
around a tree
drinking raki
crazy compass
out of the fridge…
… we are not joking … this is the truth ¡!!!

All this nonsense is already recorded ¡

How to define TI.PO.TA’s music or concept ?
The best approach could be this:

T I . P O . T A
 r   n     r     r         r   m
 a  d     o    g        a   o
 n  I      g    a        s   r
 s  e      r    n        h
 e         e     i    
            s    k

TI. PO.TA is a dream coming from nowhere …raised in the everyday’s battles of life
… TI.PO.TA is us …..TI.PO.TA is you …. TI.PO.TA is everything …
Ti.po.ta is a diplodocus … …coming from the center of the earth …
…eating flowers of your garden…TI.PO.TA IS AN ALIEN …


…enjoy it …
Moonlight Avenue is not for sale. If you want to download free audio please go to the website of MANU CHAO: manuchao.net
… Moonlight Avenue.wav will be there waiting for you.


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New to Stand Productions... out May 11 2018

Hardcore '18 
Modern Terror

It's 2018. We are a little older and wiser. We are still pissed off 
and the world is still on the brink of disaster and punk rock still matters,. Modern Terror has crafted a classic album with their first full length studio release Hardcore '18. With a mix of tear your face off circle pit monsters and raunchy rock n roll rippers Modern Terror's brand of west coast hardcore will warm even the crustiest of punker hearts. 

   Hardcore '18 was recorded with Legendary producer GGGarth Richardson  (Rage Against The Machine, Rise Against) at The Farm Studios in our home town of Roberts Creek British Columbia. Behind the brash vocals, gritty guitars and punishing beats are the sounds of three best friends pouring their hearts and souls into the songs and sound we created together over the last 5 years.

They're on tour with Pennywise and Strung Out:
Tour Dates




Some unfortunate news from the Modern Terror camp..

."On the Modern Terror front at the moment we are in a small hiatus due to Jamie cutting some tendons in his left arm and need surgery to repair. Luckily he will make a full recovery and is already getting close to playing his bass again.

In the meantime we are working on a bunch of great new songs and working towards another album. Not sure how we will pull it off, but we are hoping to start some pre production in the fall."

They will be back soon enough to melt your faces, in the meantime, go show Jamie some love

Colonel Sun Dirtbag

Colonel Suns second single from the upcoming debut EP....