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The Fallen Rise

Their album First Amandment is released April 1, 2022

The Nailheads

New to Stand Productions
1st single "Kill Or Be Killed" will be out Friday June 4th 2021

 Buffalo Theory MTL

BUFFALO THEORY MTL is a band of beer chugging, heavy riffing fans for the fans.

These seasoned veterans from the Canadian and Brazilian metal scenes are always ready to set the stage ablaze with their stoner / thrash infused metal for beer lovers around the world. Past experiences are a combined amount of over 1300 shows, 15 studio albums along with sharing the stage with bands such as Korn, Marilyn Manson, Testament and Suicidal Tendencies. 

The band's first EP 'Live In Studio' was released in 2010 and was later followed by their debut full length 2012's 'Heavy Ride' released via Galy Records, which was then followed by their 2014 EP "Murder Trilogy'. 

Now in 2016, the band returns with their third EP 'Skeptic Knight' set for release on February 26th via Stand Records.

04 BuffaloTheoryMTL-3614596992389

Skeptic Knight 
Buffalo Theory MTL

Floating Widget

Floating Widget was formed in 1999. They released Praises to the Riff Monolith in 2004.  Now "Praises to the Riff Monolith" is available again via Stand Productions.

Floating Widget, a stoner outfit hailing from Montreal, have created a record that from start to finish is a tribute to the early days of riff heavy stoner rock. Even the title, Praises to the Riff Monolith, conjures up religious symbolism revolving around the beauty of the riff and the stoned euphoria that it can produce.  

Every city, state, region or province in the world should have it's very own 'King of stoner Bands'. From 1999 to 2006, Floating Widget had Québec pretty much covered. With it's down-tuned heavy sound and bong-filled neurotransmitter-altering tunes, the band spearheaded  a movement and had ears ringing all over la Belle Province. Behold the title of this recording, PRAISES TO THE RIFF MONOLITH- it's just that- tight, monumental, energetic licks like solar flares into the mind. And now, after an 8 year hiatus and a personnel change, they're back! Trimmed down to a 4 piece, the line-up sees Vincent Peake (Groovy Aardvark/GrimSkunk) trade in the drum kit for more familiar bass/vocal duties.  If rich, sticky power chords, catchy progressions and riff-fests appeal to you, then steer straight the f**k into it.

Matt Demon : Drums 
Alexandre Leclerc
 : Guitar 
Vincent Peake
 : Vocals, Bass 
Stephane Vigeant
 : Guitar

03 Praises to the Riff Monolith Floating Widget 0777078910417
Praises to the Riff Monolith
Floating Widget 

Jah Cutta

Jah Cutta is an artist who believes that music should serve a purpose – “I was ordained to sing music to uplift people and bring joy into their lives.”
Over the past 37 years he has toured the Caribbean, Canada and the United States. He has shared the stage with performers including Peter Tosh, Beres Hammond, The Wailers, Ken Boothe, Luciano and Sugar Minott. His performances include Rebel Salute in Jamaica, the Montreal and Calgary Jazz Festivals, the Festival of Lights in Montreal and numerous reggae festivals across Canada including Montreal, Saskatoon, Calgary and the Victoria Ska Festival.
His goals are to reach out to those in the poorest nations and to bring a smile to the children’s faces – to provide hope to those who have none and to show that there is a brighter future when people work together to solve a world problems such as hunger and violence.
Ladies And Gentlemen is Jah Cutta’s 4th album and showcases Jah Cutta as a solo artist. He wanted to show people that he is a serious solo artist and this album is a representation of his beliefs. His previous works include Wha Gwan, World Wide Pressure and If it Wasn’t Jah.

Los Kung Fu Monkeys

Los Kung Fu Monkeys are a ska punk band from Tijuana, Mexico. In 1997, they started operating when Bernie Leos and brothers Tarek and Hassan Limas joined their talents and forces to follow a dream called Los Kung Fu Monkeys. That same year the band recorded their first three-song demo which included songs like “Consecuencias” based on the excess of uncontrollable youth, costing them 10 dollars to record each song, and opening the doorway to being one of the top local and regional bands with such a loyal following that it caught the eye of Los Angeles-based now defunct label ONE SHOT RECORDS, who released their first album Rebuilding the World recorded in Love Juice labs in Riverside, California, U.S.A. in 2000. With the release of Rebuilding the World in 2001, they were brought to the attention of an international audience that it became the precursor and the beginning of what would be the path to endless touring throughout the world, starting their first with Union 13 (Epitaph Records) all over Mexico in 2001 with a sold out concert in Mexico City for more than 2000 people.

07 End Transmission Los Kung Fu Monkeys 3614595753387
End Transmission
Los Kung Fu Monkeys

08 Rebuilding the World Los Kung Fu Monkeys 3614595753370
Rebuilding the World
Los Kung Fu Monkeys

Mad Parish

A heavy metal behemoth on the scene since 2006, Mad Parish are known for their energetic live performances. They work hard at capturing the raw essence of big arena rock bands from the 70’s and early 80’s. Drawing inspiration from Prog Rock and the NWOBHM genre, Mad Parish are known for their triple guitar harmonies and thunderous galloping rhythms. The band prides itself on executing technically precise riffs while keeping the basic song structure simple and catchy. The many varied influences of the musicians in this band guarantee that it will never become repetitive or derivative, while firmly keeping all great rock traditions alive and well. Mad Parish have established a very solid theme in their music and lyrics incorporating elements of fantasy, science fiction as well as canadiana. With their synchronized signature stage moves you can be sure any hard rock or heavy metal fan will be jumping out of their seat to headbang the night away.

Guitars on Procession: Neuromancer Wintermute, Matt Harbour and Bob Eaglesham

06 MadParish-Procession-3614597073803
Mad Parish

New to Stand Productions... out since May 11 2018

Hardcore '18 
Modern Terror

It's 2018. We are a little older and wiser. We are still pissed off 
and the world is still on the brink of disaster and punk rock still matters,. Modern Terror has crafted a classic album with their first full length studio release Hardcore '18. With a mix of tear your face off circle pit monsters and raunchy rock n roll rippers Modern Terror's brand of west coast hardcore will warm even the crustiest of punker hearts. 

   Hardcore '18 was recorded with Legendary producer GGGarth Richardson  (Rage Against The Machine, Rise Against) at The Farm Studios in our home town of Roberts Creek British Columbia. Behind the brash vocals, gritty guitars and punishing beats are the sounds of three best friends pouring their hearts and souls into the songs and sound we created together over the last 5 years.

They're on tour with Pennywise and Strung Out: Tour Dates




Punchline 13

PUNCHLINE 13 is a high energy pop punk band from Montreal with a touch of 50’s rock&roll sensibilities. Their punk ethic, hardworking attitude and determination are always a central part of the band. Now with Stand Records, Punchline 13 introduce their latest album “Cut the Rope”.

PUNCHLINE 13 was created as a solo project in 2001 by Sylvain Campeau, after he left the band MEN'O'STEEL (2112 records/Cargo). The song Mirror had a huge success on Canadian radio stations when it was released on the 123 Punk Volume 2 compilation put out by MusiquePlus In 2002. Numerous record labels contacted PUNCHLINE 13 wishing to hear more songs. Finally in 2013, after a ten-year hiatus, Sylvain was offered a reunion tour with his former band MEN'O'STEEL. At AMNESIA ROCKFEST, MEN'O'STEEL played in front of over 100,000 fans besides going on to the Vans Warped Tour. Sylvain got back the taste to rock and now he has… PUNCHLINE 13. PUNCHLINE 13 was a part of the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Pouzza Fest 2014 in Montreal & the Vans Warped tour last summer (2014).

Sly Rawk (Sylvain Campeau): Lead Vocals
MD (Matt Dorion): Lead Guitar
Alexis Calvé: Guitar
Ian Sounds: Bass
Hugo Larouche: Drums
02 Cut the Rope Punchline 13 0619061598212
Cut the Rope
Punchline 13 

Shades Of Culture

Shades of Culture is a Canadian hip hop trio from Montreal. Its members are known as DShade, Revolution, and DJ Storm. Shades of Culture was one of the first Quebec hip hop groups to become known outside of their province.